Pregnancy is often a mixture of joy, fear, and apprehension

Women have thousands and thousands of years of maternal intelligence to deliver a baby perfectly. However, pregnancy is often a mixture of joy, fear, and apprehension depending on the readiness of the mother and her partner to welcome the child and the changes they bring to the family.

Throughout her pregnancy, the mother-to-be experiences many changes in her body and in her mind that may bring questions, physical difficulties or fears. As the day of the delivery approaches, stress may increase, to the detriment of the well-being of mother and baby.

At this time, the mother needs all possible support from her partner, family, and friends, as well as from medical teams and support groups.

Hypnotherapy is a wonderful support during pregnancy

Hypnotherapy stands as a wonderful support during your pregnancy for :

– Working on relaxation and confidence,
– Removing your fears
– Developing feelings of safety,
– Creating a strong connection between you and your baby,
– Acting as a medical support for any of your ailments, such as Hyperemesis Gravidarum,
– Learning how to manage pain during the delivery so as to maintain the connection between you and your child during the birth.

Working with a hypnotherapist during your pregnancy allows you to feel calm, well and joyous while your baby gets ready to come into our world. The day of the delivery, you are calm and confident. You embrace and accept the sensations of the birth while any pain is under your control. As a result you keep a strong mental connection with your baby throughout the delivery.

Hypnotherapy is alternative or complementary to healing services licensed by the state.
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