FEAR = False Evidence Appearing Real

Fear is an emotion created by the subconscious that is constantly comparing current situations with people’s memories. When the subconscious finds a big enough correspondence between the current situation and a previous dangerous situation, it sends the danger signal “fear”.

Fear is a survival response that keeps people out of danger. Sometimes the danger is real and fear is useful. However, quite often the danger is not real, and one’s life is limited by fears such as Claustrophobia, Fear of public transportation, Fear of public speaking, or Fear of taking an exam.

Find the meaning and the source of the fears

The previous dangerous situation — the initial sensitizing event — can be very specific and well known to the person. It is often the case with claustrophobia. However, the subconscious works mainly with emotions and imagery, and the relations it creates can be unexpected. In that case, through regression hypnotherapy, the person’s subconscious shows them what the fear is about.

Eliminate the emotional charge of the initial sensitizing event

When the danger is not real and the fear is limiting, hypnotherapy can put an end to its expression by removing from your subconscious the fear attached to the previous situation (the initial sensitizing event). You get rid of the fear definitively, as if it never existed.

In addition to the removal of limiting emotions, hypnotherapy builds up your internal positive resources all the way through your personal history. You become stronger and more resilient.

Hypnotherapy is very effective with

  • Claustrophobia: you use escalators and go into closets without thinking about it,
  • Fear of public transportation: you plan your trips in a calm and relaxed manner,
  • Fear of public speaking: you concentrate easily on your speech and your connection with your audience,
  • Fear of taking an exam: you use 100% of your capacity to achieve success,
  • Fear of height: you hike mountains, and climb ladders with pleasure,
  • Traumatic events: you don’t feel concerned about such events anymore, and they have no more power over your present life,
  • Many other types of fear.

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