Executives and travellers, get rid of Jet Lag

Jetlag makes travelers miserable for days by various psychological and physiological effects such as fatigue, irritability, and sleep difficulties.
If you are on vacation, after having bought the trip of your dreams, your first days are spoiled because you feel tired and you cannot sleep normally at night. It is so nasty that many people drop their dreams of spending Thanksgiving or Christmas with their family in Hawaii or in another dream place: it would be too short to get over jet lag and enjoy themselves.
If you are on a business trip, you have important meetings as soon as you arrive, and because of jet lag, your brain is not performing at full capacity while having to manage important negotiations.

Travel all over the world free of jet lag

With the objective of freeing you from jet lag, Life-hypno studied the latest scientific research to create the No-Jetlag method.
Using this method, you avoid any manifestation of jet lag. Your mind is clear and effective as soon as you arrive at your destination. You are ready for your business meeting or to enjoy your first visit as a tourist. At night, you sleep normally.

No pills, no devices, just the power of your mind

With the No-Jetlag method, you learn and practice how to use self-hypnosis to manage and get rid of jet lag. This method is very simple. After only two sessions with the hypnotherapist, you are self-sufficient.
After creating the mental structures in your mind and practicing the suggestions for 7-10 days, you brain is ready to adapt immediately to the time zone of your destination. For the flight back home, or if you travel frequently, you simply tell your brain the new time zone.

Additional benefits

You learn to quickly relax your body and your mind completely and fully. You keep the benefits of this relaxation all day long. You also learn to access a space in your mind where it works 100%. You can more easily find solutions to problems because everything becomes clearer and more evident.

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