Our subconscious impacts our and others’ perceptions

Our subconscious programing continuously impacts our perception of others and ourselves. It tints also our perception of the environment and events of our life. Moreover, it influences others’ perceptions, feelings, and actions towards us. This appends according to the three laws of correspondence: PROJECTION — ATTRACTION — TRANSFIGURATION.

Our subconscious projects a shadow movie onto the present

According to the first law of correspondence, PROJECTION, the programing of our subconscious mind projects a shadow movie of our past onto the present. It compares the present odors, images, sounds, situations, … with the memories stocked in our subconscious and sends the emotions and beliefs linked to these memories onto the present.
It is why we can be attracted or repulsed to people we absolutely don’t know. Somebody happens to look like your great aunt who was mean with you, and you don’t want to have a relationship with this person. On the other hand, a man is as tall your father who loved and protected you as a child, and this physical characteristic triggers trust for this person.
Of course, many memories are involved in each situation, and what you feel is the result of the combination of the emotions attached to the memories in your subconscious. However, if one of these emotions is very strong, it dominates all the others. That is the case in claustrophobia: a previous event had you feel in great danger in a close place, and now all the present situations that your subconscious matches positively with this previous event trigger a strong fear.

Sometimes, you know the correspondence between what you feel and your past. Sometimes, you don’t because the correspondences found by our subconscious are often not directly accessible to our conscious mind. In these cases, hypnotherapy can be very useful to understand our reactions.

People are attracted to people who are similar on a subconscious level

The second law of correspondence, ATTRACTION, states that people are attracted to people, things, places, and events that reflect the nature of their subconscious programing, which is what they know, believe, and need.

Between people, this law applies to physical characteristics, races, culture, education, … With people who are similar to you, it is easy and you feel at home. More subtly, and maybe more importantly, this law applies to psychological characteristics. Someone with psychological difficulties will attract and will be attracted to people with psychological difficulties. People with strong self-esteem are attracted to and attract other confident people.
This applies also to things and events. People are interested in whatever resonates with their subconscious programing. A depressed person is usually attracted to sad poems, paintings, books, and movies. A joyous one will eagerly participate in happy meetings with friends. More trivially, at the market, you are attracted by everything you already know.

The strong subconscious thoughts of one person are read by the subconscious of another person

The third law of correspondence, TRANSFIGURATION, says that the strong subconscious thoughts of one person are pipelined to the subconscious of another person even if the person tries to hide these thoughts. For example, somebody wants a new position at work. They have all the knowledge and capacities required, but because they miss self-esteem, they unconsciously think that they are not good enough for the position. In this case, even if they do consciously everything they can to get the position, by transfiguration they will convey to their superiors their unconscious belief that they are not good enough, and they will not get the position. Others act towards you according to how you think of yourself.

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