Become an active partner towards better and faster healing

When an illness or an accident happens, people benefit from the extensive medical knowledge and highly developed surgical techniques of the medical system, as much as they can. They are also thankful for their family’s and friends’ help that supports their spirit and courage. However, many do not know that they can also use the power of their mind to support and trigger faster healing.

Working with an hypnotherapist, you use the natural resources of your body and mind to become an active partner of your health care team, and enhance the effectiveness of their medical acts.

Boost and harmonize the functions of your body

With hypnotherapy, you develop your relaxation and confidence, work on your fears, and learn how to manage pain. As a consequence, your autonomous nervous system is more often in its parasympathetic mode. This mode boosts your body systems and makes them work in harmony. In particular, your immune system is strengthened.

Suggestions and imagery tell your body and mind how to heal

The hypnotherapist creates strong suggestions and imagery that tell your body and mind how to function towards complete rehabilitation. All your cells are mobilized to work according to this blueprint, and strong visions of yourself healing well and quickly guide you to a full recovery.

Remove the roadblocks in the way of your healing

Also, the hypnotherapist guides you to remove the unhealthy marks of the past such as traumas, unhealthy beliefs, stresses associated with difficult memories that are roadblocks in the way of your healing. Family curses, pessimistic diagnoses, and other beliefs that impede your healing are cleaned out. The limiting emotions linked to difficult memories are swept away to leave you on a clear path to good health.

Finally, symptoms of illness sometimes arise as a way to cope with the difficulties of your life. With the hypnotherapist, you address your fears and find much more positive alternative behaviors.

Hypnotherapy is alternative or complementary to healing services licensed by the state.
Marie is not a licensed physician and her services are not licensed by the state.
She doesn’t diagnose, prescribe or treat any medical condition.