When people procrastinate until problems occur

Sometimes people consciously decide to do something but they don’t feel like doing it. They procrastinate until the moment the situation created by their inaction becomes annoying enough to overcome their block. For example, someone doesn’t like managing their bills and they pile up until the person is threatened with having their internet or cell phone connection cut off. Another person does not like doing the laundry and waits until they don’t have any more clean clothes. Many other examples are available that make people’s lives difficult. When it happens at work, consequences may be as bad as being fired.

This reluctance or lack of motivation reflects a discordance between the conscious will and the subconscious programing. The conscious will decides to do the chore, and the subconscious programing says no. The subconscious wins until the new situation created by the procrastination elicits a new answer from the subconscious.

Hypnotherapy to stop procrastination

It is very normal and acceptable to dislike certain activities. The problem occurs when people have to do one or many of these activities to achieve a comfortable life or reach an important personal goal. Students have to study in order to pass tests. At work, employees must cover effectively all aspects of their jobs to get promotions.

Hypnotherapy is the way to change the subconscious negative answer that leads to procrastination. Working with a hypnotherapist, you remove the negative emotions linked to the chore in your subconscious, and replace them with positives ones. Soon your feelings for the activity you hated or dreaded become neutral and you do the chore easily with no hesitation. You may even discover that you like doing this thing now.

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