Regression is a main tool of hypnotherapy to explore and heal people’s pasts.

Through regression, people access previous important events
in relation to the current difficulty or question they want to resolve.
Then with the hypnotherapist
they clean these events from the associated limiting emotions and beliefs.

Regression in childhood and adulthood.

Most of the programing of the subconscious is created during childhood
when the critical factor is not active yet.

Natal regression.

Many decisions and beliefs are created at birth.
They drive people’s lives for the best and the worst without their knowledge.
Natal regression is a safe tool to discover them and change the limiting ones.

Past life regression.

According to people’s faith, past lives are either previous lives
or metaphors for the patterns that shape their current lives.
Either way, past lives are an amazing source of information
that gives meaning to people’s current lives, and through which they can understand and heal their life difficulties.

Hypnotherapy is alternative or complementary to healing services licensed by the state.
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