Babies experience everything the mother does

The mother is the universe of the unborn. From conception through delivery, the child experiences everything the mother does, included her emotions and beliefs. Moreover, babies in the womb and at birth receive also messages from their father and other members of their family.
No conscious expression with words or behavior is necessary to send messages to babies; they receive them on a subconscious level by transfiguration.

Babies’ beliefs are made from messages they receive and they stay with them all their lives

Because the access to the subconscious mind of babies is open, all emotions and images experienced by the mother during pregnancy or otherwise received by the child register into the subconscious programing of the baby.
The baby makes decisions out of these messages, and these decisions become the baby’s core beliefs and adaptations that stay with the person all their life as a way of responding to life’s problems.

Babies’ beliefs are either positive or limiting

According to the material and psychological circumstances of the pregnancy and the birth, the scripts programed in the child’s subconscious may be either positive or limiting. All of them influence the present day behavior of the person.

The beliefs programed around birth may be positive and become valuable resources for the child then the adult. For example, if a mother loves her baby very much from conception, this baby as an adult can reconnect to this love programed in their subconscious even if the current relationship with the mother is difficult. This love becomes a positive resource available in any circumstance of the person’s life.
However, the beliefs programed in the womb, at birth, and early childhood may be limiting, and impede the person’s life. For example, if parents want a boy and give birth to a girl, the child’s belief may be : “They want a boy, I am a girl, I must be a disappointment”. In this case, all her life, the girl then the woman may see herself as a disappointment for everybody, while feeling hurt and fear.
On a material level, if parents are worried because of the financial hurdle they face with the arrival of the baby, the baby may feel unwanted, being a burden for the parents. These feelings may stick with the person all their life.

Natal regression in hypnosis can safely reprogram the limiting decisions

The limiting beliefs made around birth may hinder the everyday life of people. They are roadblocks on the way to an happy and fulfilling life.
With hypnotherapy, through natal regression, it is possible to safely remove these roadblocks, and reprogram the subconscious with positive resources.

Natal regression is a tool of hypnotherapy that makes you go back to the womb, birth, and early childhood periods safely in a hypnotic state with no mechanical means involved.
During this regression, you relive these periods with thoughts, images, and feelings, and you identify the beliefs you decided at this time. These beliefs which are ruling your current life arise to your conscious awareness.
Then, with the hypnotherapist, you use your positive personal resources to remove the limiting beliefs and emotions, and you make these positive resources consciously active in your everyday life. Your self-esteem strengthens, and you become more powerful.

Natal regression develops acceptance, understanding, and forgiveness

Moreover, because the negative decisions made around birth involve the family, natal regression hypnotherapy solves many current day relationship and family problems. You understand parents, siblings, and the obstetrics team better, and develop acceptance, understanding, and forgiveness for yourself and others.

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