Pain is a signal that something is wrong – Listen to it

Acute, recurring, chronic or psychogenic, pain is an important signal for your mind to tell you that something is wrong with your body. Any pain must be considered seriously and studied to understand the message it conveys. It can tell about a wound, an illness, a malfunctioning of a body part, or a psychological distress.
The first thing to do with pain is to understand its message and act on it.

When the cause of the pain is known and taken care of, the presence of pain does not make sense anymore. For example, your broken leg is in a cast and on its way to healing, or you determined that your headache is only the result of stress. At this stage, you want to be free of the pain, and often you use painkillers.

Hypnotherapy is a safe alternative to painkillers

The problem with painkillers is that they are addictive and bad for your body. Opiate painkillers, in particular, are at the root of 30% of heroin addictions.

Hypnotherapy is a safe alternative to painkillers. Without devices or pills you can control your pain.
Because pain is a product of your subconscious mind, hypnotherapy is a powerful way to control and stop its creation.

Life without pain is so much easier!

With the hypnotherapist, you learn different methods that you will use in self hypnosis, any time, anywhere, when needed. Soon, you become independent in managing any pain.

This skill comes in handy in many circumstances:

  • Migraines: you learn to manage the pain, and after a while the migraines disappear completely,
  • Wounds: acute or chronic you made the pain disappear. Each time it comes back, it is easier to remove,
  • Childbirth: you embrace and accept the sensations of the birth while pain is under your control,
  • Surgery: while in recovery you heal better and faster being relaxed and able to manage any pain, …..

Hypnotherapy is alternative or complementary to healing services licensed by the state.
Marie is not a licensed physician and her services are not licensed by the state.
She doesn’t diagnose, prescribe or treat any medical condition.