Past lives are either previous incarnations or metaphors

According to one’s faith, past lives are either previous incarnations of the soul, or metaphors for the patterns that shape people’s current lives.

In the Eastern religions such as Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, and Sikhism, the soul is immortal and experiences repeated incarnations for its evolution. Past lives, as in previous lives, fit also with the Monist view that states God lives in all things, whatever the name used for God. Contemporary spirituality is likely to use the words Spirit, Universal Knowledge, or Divine/Universal Energy to name the common essence of all beings. In these spiritual contexts, past lives are previous incarnations of the soul on its way to developing and shaping itself.

In this century, many people choose not to believe in reincarnation. In this case, past lives relived in regression hypnotherapy are metaphors created by people’s minds that illustrate the patterns their minds follow in their current lives.

Past lives are an amazing source of information

Either way, past lives are an amazing source of information that gives meaning to your current life and behavior. They present explanations and clues of the decisions and adaptations your soul made from the past events you lived. Positive or limiting, these decisions and adaptations manage your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors of your everyday life.

Some people are conscious of the patterns and beliefs that guide their lives; many are not. In both cases, these patterns and beliefs are programed into the subconscious mind, and, when necessary, it is very difficult to change them as long as people are in a state of standard awareness.
Hypnotherapy is a great tool to access the programing of the subconscious.

Past life regression is the ultimate tool of hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy uses past life regression as a very sophisticated tool that addresses questions or difficulties concerning the current life and that could not be otherwise answered or resolved.
In past life regression, the question or difficulty is illustrated with the past life that appears in the person’s mind. The adaptations and beliefs associated become apparent. At this time of the regression, some of these adaptations or beliefs appear as roadblocks on the way to a happy and fulfilling life. With the hypnotherapist, they are safely removed and replaced with positive resources. These positive resources become consciously active in the person’s everyday life and, combined with the absence of the old difficulties, they strengthen their self-esteem. Life become easier and happier.

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