80% of smokers wish to quit – less than 10% of the attempts to quit are successful

It is not necessary to remind how much smoking is bad for your and your relatives’ health. However, quitting smoking is not an easy thing. More than 80% of smokers wish to quit. Every year, more than 50% of them stop smoking for more than one day. Then, unfortunately, more than 80% succumb to the need for smoking again.

Smoking covers five functions for smokers

It is not surprising that quitting smoking is difficult because smokers use smoking to cover five main functions:

  • Self-medication: smoking is used to relax when stressed, and to help focus.
  • Satisfaction of addiction: as nicotine and other chemicals present in cigarettes are highly addictive, smoking removes the symptoms of withdrawing, especially the cravings.
  • Habit: Smoking is a habit, and habits are comfortable and make your life easier.
  • Social function: Through the sharing of smoking, smokers create easy social interactions.
  • Fulfillment of unconscious needs: smoking exists also to fulfill unconscious needs such as feeling a void, pain, anger, guilt, or sadness.

Using willpower and patches do not satisfy the unconscious needs

Most of the usual methods to quit smoking do not cover all of the five functions, especially the satisfaction of unconscious needs. That is why there are so many failed attempts.
Besides, when smokers quit smoking using willpower and chemical substitutes only, their subconscious transfers the fulfillment of its needs to something else such as food, and it can lead to a weight gain or other unhealthy habits. However it is not a fate, and quitting smoking with the help of hypnotherapy takes care of the subconscious needs in addition to the other aspects.

With the help of hypnotherapy you get free of smoking definitively

With the help of the hypnotherapist at Life-Hypno, you will act on all levels.
First, you will create new healthy habits to take the place of your current unhealthy smoking habits. You identify the situations that trigger your cravings and replace them with routines with no room for cigarettes. In addition, a good diet and some exercises will rid your body of the toxins and the cravings faster.
At the same time, the hypnotherapist will program your subconscious mind to reject smoking, and you will do relaxation and self hypnosis suggestions to manage any residual cravings.
Then, to be free of smoking definitively, and not transfer the fulfillment of your subconscious needs to unhealthy habits such as overeating, the hypnotherapist at Life-Hypno will work with you to identify the subconscious needs that you fulfill with smoking. Then, the hypnotherapist will remove them or program the subconscious with an appropriate way to meet them.

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