Emotion-loaded events are recorded into the subconscious mind

From conception through childhood, the subconscious mind is programed with all the strong emotion-loaded events the child lives. According to the faith of the person, this programing starts on a clean slate or is an addition to the karma existing at conception. Moreover, some research points to the existence of inter-generational memories. In any case, this programing is the roots of the beliefs and adaptations that guide the child — then the adult — throughout their life, triggering emotions and behaviors.

Most of the time, parents and other people in the child’s circle don’t recognize that a specific event may be loaded with emotions for the child. Many people still think that a child forgets. In fact everything is registered in the subconscious mind and expressed with either positive or limiting emotions and behavior.

Regression in hypnosis is a powerful tool to remove the limiting marks of the past

When the emotions, beliefs and behavior are limiting because they are not adapted to the goals of the person, it is time to change the programing of the subconscious mind. Regression in hypnosis is a powerful tool to do it.

Regression in hypnosis gives you access to the memories stored in your subconscious mind, and guides you to the ones which are significant for the difficulty you want to get rid of. With the hypnotherapist, you access the initial sensitizing event which happened most of the time in your childhood, and you remove the emotional load tied to it. Moreover, you change the limiting beliefs into more positive ones, and give yourself positive resources for use in your everyday life.

Natal and past life regressions to work beyond childhood

Sometimes, you are consciously aware that your time in the womb or your birth may have been traumatizing, or the regression in your childhood drives you to the time of your birth. In that case, the hypnotherapist will conduct with you a natal regression to explore this specific time.

Other times, a cause for a specific difficulty in your current life cannot be found using regression in your childhood and birth. It will be a reason for the hypnotherapist to do a past life regression with you. You may also wish to do a past life regression as a means to grow spiritually.

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