… Support your health with relaxation: Complete relaxation triggers the parasympathetic mode of the autonomous nervous system. This mode manages your different body systems and makes them work in harmony to their full capacity. Your digestive system, reproductive system, lymphatic and immune systems, respiratory system, skeletal and muscular systems, cardiovascular and endocrine systems, ….. work better. More…

Free sessions of relaxation guided by Marie Mathevon

Marie Mathevon guides free sessions of relaxation through video conference with Zoom. Each session is about 40mn long in French. Read the program below.

Marie Mathevon guide gratuitement des sessions de relaxation par vidéo conférence en français. Chaque session dure environ 40mn. Voir le programme ci-dessous.

Connect and enjoy

Program for week March 1 – 5:

To connect to the session: on your laptop, or code 940-991-817 with Zoom App on your smartphone.

Connectez-vous sur Zoom: par le web directement sur votre ordinateur , ou par l’app Zoom sur votre téléphone : Code 940-991-817 .

Be ready for the session

Before the session: Lay on your bed or seat in a comfortable chair such as you stay comfortable while completely relaxed.
Warning: Your environment must be safe and not require your attention because you will be completely focused on the relaxation.
Never connect to a session if you are either driving or cooking.

Avant de commencer: Installez-vous confortablement sur votre lit ou dans un fauteuil dans une position qui reste confortable lorsque vous êtes complétement décontracté.
Attention: Assurez-vous que votre environnement ne demande pas votre attention puisque celle-ci sera entièrement fixée sur la relaxation. En aucun cas, ne vous connectez-vous si vous êtes en train de conduire ou de cuisiner.




Hypnotherapy is alternative or complementary to healing services licensed by the state.
Marie is not a licensed physician and her services are not licensed by the state.
She doesn’t diagnose, prescribe or treat any medical condition.