Surgery often triggers many fears

People of the 21st century have the support of extensive medical knowledge and highly developed surgical techniques to keep them in good health. However, surgery often triggers many fears, depending on people’s level of trust in the medical team, and their belief in the success of the medical procedure that they are going to undergo.
In addition, surgery is often accompanied by expensive financial charges, and requires a level of personal and professional organization that may bring additional stress. Finally, the fear of pain, the side effects, and sometimes the physical changes, are even more reasons for the patient to seek support.

The person who plans a surgery needs all the possible supports from their family and friends, as well as from medical teams in order to restore calm and serenity, and have a successful surgery and a quick recovery.

Hypnotherapy is a wonderful support for a serene surgery

Hypnotherapy stands as a wonderful support throughout your surgery for :
– Working on relaxation and confidence,
Removing your fears,
– Developing feelings of safety,
– Increasing your trust in your medical team,
– Acting as a medical support for a fast healing,
– Learning how to manage pain when you are off anesthesia/painkillers.

Working with an hypnotherapist when you plan a surgery allows you to feel calm and serene before the surgery, so you get ready effectively. During the surgery, you activate your inner resources to cooperate with the medical team. Then while in recovery you heal better and faster being relaxed and able to manage any pain.

Hypnotherapy is alternative or complementary to healing services licensed by the state.
Marie is not a licensed physician and her services are not licensed by the state.
She doesn’t diagnose, prescribe or treat any medical condition.