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February 2020.
J’ai connu Marie lors d’un déplacement dans la Bay Area. Son approche ma séduit et j’ai immédiatement dit oui pour la methode no-jetlag. 2 jours plus tard nous avons fait la première séance où Marie a pris le temps de m’expliquer l’ensemble du processus et de répondre à mes questions. Rentré en France, nous avons fait la seconde séance par Skype. Elle a permis de consolider l’application de la méthode et de travailler sur d’autres points. Depuis, lors de mes déplacements, j’applique les préconisations et méthodes que Marie m’a enseignées. Je ne subis quasiment plus le décalage horaire et je suis plus rapidement efficace et mes journées se passent facilement.
L’hypnose était quelque chose d’inconnue pour moi. Aujourd’hui, avec cette méthode, j’ai pu tester et mettre en application cette technique qui m’apporte un support et une meilleure qualité de vie lors de mes déplacements à l’étranger. Merci Marie.
Philippe Plantady, Annecy, France.

I met Marie during a trip to the Bay Area. Her approach appealed to me, and I immediately said yes to the no-jetlag method. 2 days later we did the first session during which Marie took the time to explain the whole process to me and to answer my questions. Back in France, we did the second session via Skype. It was the opportunity to review the method and work on others points. Ever since then, during my travels, I have applied the recommendations and methods Marie taught me. I hardly experience jet lag anymore and I am more efficient quicker and my days go by easily. Hypnosis was something I did not know before. Today, with this method, I am able to apply this technique which brings me support and a better quality of life during my trips to foreign countries. Thank you Marie.

January 2020.
I received some hypnotherapy sessions with Marie before a heart surgery. The goal was to achieve a good level of inner peace, through improving both trustfulness on my decision and on the surgery team. The progress was magnificent, very natural, gentle and smooth, which was strengthening my confidence before my health procedure. Thoughtfully, Marie also educated me in self-hypnosis practices for a quick recovery and pain relief if necessary after my surgery. I highly recommend Marie´s work because she is highly empathetic; she is an active listener for establishing the best approach to help each of her patients.
Consuelo Vargas, Palo Alto, United States

January 2020.
J’ai eu l’occasion d’expérimenter l’hypnose avec Marie afin de ne pas subir le décalage horaire lors d’un voyage. Sceptique au départ, j’ai suivi ses indications. Lorsque je suis arrivée dans le pays, j’avais 7h de décalage horaire et je n’ai eu aucun mal à m’acclimater à ces nouveaux horaires. C’était la première fois qu’une transition fut aussi facile. 4 mois après je suis de nouveau retournée à l’étranger en ayant à nouveau suivi les conseils que Marie m’avait donnés, les résultat ont été les mêmes : les 6h de décalage que je devais subir ne m’ont même pas inquietée.
Je ne peux être qu’impressionnée !
Merci à toi .
Laureline Dechene, Paris, France.

I had the opportunity to experience hypnosis with Marie to avoid jet lag while traveling. I was first skeptic, but I followed her instructions. When I arrived in the country with a 7-hour time difference, I had no trouble getting used to the new schedules. It was the first time that the transition was so easy. 4 months later I traveled again and followed again Marie’s instructions. The results were the same: the 6-hour shift that I had to undergo did not even worry me.
I can only be impressed!
Thanks to you.

August 2019.
I had several hypnotherapy sessions with Marie. My goal was to overcome some anxieties I had that were bothering me on a regular basis. I didn’t know what to expect, as I had never experienced hypnotherapy before. I must say I was impressed at the array of techniques Marie used to deal with different aspects of the issues we were exploring. Each time we went deeper into the exploration, and Marie helped me to go beyond my goal and to work on issues that originated in my childhood. The results were excellent as I am now much more able to control my anxieties, and I also enjoy a newfound peace. I warmly recommend Marie, she is an attentive listener and a skillful practitioner of hypnotherapy. 
Christine Zaky, Menlo Park CA United States.

July 2019.
J’aimerai partager mon experience en hypnothérapie pratiquée avec Marie. Ayant une phobie en tant que passagère en voiture, j’ai choisi la solution de l’hypnose. J’étais un peu sceptique mais je me suis dit que je n’avais rien à perdre en essayant. En trois séances mon problème était réglé. Donc j’ai réitéré pour un problème de jet lag comme beaucoup de personnes ont et une séance a suffi pour régler ce problème aussi !! Je suis vraiment très satisfaite ! Merci Marie.
Christine Barbier, Los Altos Hills CA United States.

I wanted to share my hypnotherapy experience practiced with Marie. Having a phobia as a passenger in a car , I chose the hypnosis solution. I was skeptical but I thought I had nothing to lose by trying. In three sessions my problem was settled. So I tried again for a jet lag problem that many people have too and I was really surprised that in one session my problem was settled too !! I am really satisfied ! Thank you Marie.

April 2019.
Dear Marie, I want to thank you for my hypnotherapy session today. Before the session I had a real problem with cockroaches which affected quite a few aspects of my life. Your style is really calm and reassuring and now I can’t even remember why I didn’t like cockroaches. Thank you for making such a difference in my life. Kind Regards.
Amanda Dickson, Toronto Canada.

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