Weight management and getting in shape requires more than will

A lot of people are not happy with their body weight and shape because their physical characteristics do not meet their conscious expectations according to their health, their physical capacities, or their aesthetic longings.
To remedy this situation, most people work consciously on their intake of food and start practicing some sport. However, quite often, they rapidly find these new habits too demanding, give up on them, and go back to their previous appearance.
This happens when the new habits are not an answer to the subconscious needs, which may be a lot more elaborate than just feeding and moving the body. For example, the subconscious may use food to fill an emotional void, or may build fatty tissues for protection.
When the will — part of the conscious mind — decides to ignore the requirement of the subconscious by resisting cravings or making someone practicing a sport they don’t enjoy, after a while the subconscious generally takes over and people succumb to their old behaviors.

Body weight and shape are mostly defined by the subconscious mind

Weight and shape are managed through the following process:

During the “intake of food” step, your subconscious mind
tells which foods you like or dislike,
– creates the feeling of hunger or satiety,
– triggers the cravings for sweets or other foods,
– may cause repulsion for any intake of food as in anorexia,
– may initiate bingeing of food as in bulimia,

Then, during the “use of the food by your body” step, it
tells which exercises you like or dislike,
– coordinates your body’s use of energy
. What functions and places are favored for direct use of energy. In which places energy is stocked for future use.

Finally, your subconscious mind makes you see yourself according to its beliefs.
By application of the law of projection, when you look at yourself in a mirror, your subconscious sends to the mirror a picture created by your subconscious programed beliefs. You consciously see your body as you unconsciously believe it looks like, and no reasoning can change it. For example, anorexic people see themselves fat while in fact they are skeletal.

That is why people must understand and work on their subconscious expectations, beliefs, and emotions if they want to manage successfully their body weight and shape.

Hypnotherapy can help you get the body you like

Dieticians and physical coaches can explain to you what healthy meals and adapted exercising are. Working with an hypnotherapist goes one step further. It gives you the wish to apply their healthy advice.
Hypnotherapy also helps you to remove or redirect the subconscious needs that trigger your emotional hunger and cravings.
Finally, with the hypnotherapist, you create in your subconscious the image of the body shape you want to transform into, and you remove the conscious and unconscious limiting beliefs that your current shape reflects.

Soon, your subconscious manages your relation with food and the shape of your body in a healthier way, and more and more you get the body you like and in which you feel good, energized, and confident.

Hypnotherapy is alternative or complementary to healing services licensed by the state.
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